Rachel Russell is the digital content manager and editor for Edible Indy, a local magazine connecting farmers, producers and food artisans in the community. When she’s not learning and writing about local food, she enjoys tucking in at some of Indy’s best dining spots featured through Devour Indy.

  1. Chapati | Westside | I could basically eat my way through the Lafayette Road food corridor, and when Chapati opened I was practically first in line. I give high marks to their Aloo Chaat, which is featured on the Devour menu. There’s just something about this place, too, which has traditional Middle Eastern seating style and décor and a mixed menu of Indian and Middle Eastern food. And did I mention the mango lassi?
  1. La Chinita Poblana | Midtown | This little gem has been my best discovery by far. This standing-room-only restaurant offers amazing tacos which weave together Latin and Asian flavors. My favorite things here (some of which are on the Devour menu): Spicy eggplant taco, chips and guacamole, horchata and two-die-for churros.
  1. The Loft at Traders Point Creamery | Northside | There’s something so special, romantic and cozy about The Loft and it makes me feel like I’m miles outside of the city when I’m actually just out of its reach. And I’ve never had anything to eat from here that wasn’t superb, whether it’s ice cream (they operate a 100% grassfed and organic dairy farm, after all) or a handcrafted meal packed with local goodness.
  1. Osteria Pronto | Downtown | While I will almost always put local before all else, this unassuming restaurant—I say that because it’s located in a giant high-rise hotel and most hotel restaurants aren’t known for good food—is simply delicious and offers a great atmosphere. My favorite item here is the mushroom pizza, but I can’t imagine anything they’re offering during Devour isn’t worth stopping in to try.
  1. Taste Café | Midtown | When it comes to breakfast and brunch, this place has stolen my heart. Don’t let the casual, counter service atmosphere make you think the food is anything but beyond fresh, with local ingredients prepared to perfection no matter if you order something as seemingly simple as oatmeal.