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Devour Indy, formerly known as Devour Downtown, Northside Night, etc is now our CITY WIDE restaurant week running now through February 5th. Since it’s city wide and since a ton of new restaurants have opened, here are my top 5 picks for new Devour places to try…


1) Longbranch (Downtown)– It’s described as a neighborhood bar featuring inauthentic Asian cuisine and adult libations. Inauthentic? Perhaps. But as good as it tastes, you won’t care.

2) Vida (Downtown)– I call this the best place to go when someone else is paying. It may be the most expensive restaurant in town, but it’s also one of the best and it’s appearing as a Devour option for the first time.  When I went, I was so focused on my food (and how amazing it was) that I neglected to snap a pic, so I borrowed one from someone else. If a professed foodie forgets to take a pic, it must be good.

3) The Legend (Eastside)– Shout out to my neighborhood, Irvington… part of Devour for the 1st time.  That’s where you’ll find The Legend.  While their Devour menu is just fine, the regular menu is affordable enough that you can get whatever sounds good.

4) Barbecue & Bourbon (Westside) — The name is two of my most loved food groups. Another new addition from Speedway! I used to live in KC (arguably the BBQ capital of the world) so I can be a bit of a BBQ snob, but theirs is some of the best I’ve had in town…and their menu is a great value!

5) Rock Cola Cafe (Eastside)– another Devour addition from the East side! This place IS nostalgia.  Choc-ola, one of the best club sandwiches I’ve ever had, and this dessert called Blueberry Thrill.