While you’re planning your Devour night out, why not pair it with one of these cocktails!

Thank you to our sponsors: RNDC, Absolut Vodka, Jack Daniels, Malfy Gin, and Woodford Reserve

Overall Winner:

Chelsey Ludy | Prime47 Carmel
Lynchburg Coldbrew
Spirit: Jack Daniel’s

Absolut Vodka:

Spencer Ayers | Harry & Izzy’s Circle Center
Just Peachy

Malfy Gin:

Claire McGuiness | Grindstone Public House
Blood & Water

Woodford Reserve:

Marin Borst | Union 50
Urban Barry

Wild Card Round:

Emily Jordan | Traders Point Creamery
Peachy Keen

People’s Choice Winner:

Tanner Hays | Peterson’s Restaurant
The Novel-Tea
Spirit: Jack Daniel’s

photo credit to Isaac Plahitko

Honorable Mentions:

Barbie Gale | Harry & Izzy’s Circle Center
Plumtastic • Absolut Vodka

Shane Soutendijk | Peterson’s Restaurant
Picante Pinch • Absolut Vodka

Kate Shipp | St. Elmo’s Steakhouse
The Beauregarde • Malfy Gin

Kyle Fromke | Peterson’s Restaurant
Bacon Bramble BBQ • Woodford Reserve

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