Gallery Pastry Shop

Gallery Pastry Shop brings brunch, dinner, cocktails and European pastries to Indianapolis, Indiana. Located in Meridian Kessler, Gallery Pastry Shop features a beautiful instagram-worthy interior with a heated patio and abundant gardens. Great for families, groups of friends, and romantic occasions.

Additional Menu Options: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Family Friendly

Gallery Pastry Shop


Northside, Midtown

Gallery Pastry Shop

4573 N College Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

(317) 820-5526

Toast Tables - make reservations through

We have a private parking lot next to our building and customers can park in the gravel lot across the street on College Ave.

$40/individual ; $65/couple
Appetizers: choose one
  • loaded frites: crispy frites, chef’s rotating toppings & sauces
  • brulée trillium (VEG): bruleed tulip tree trillium cheese, toasted croissant, mixed berry compote, candied pecans, honey drizzle
  • hummus bowl (VEG): garlic lemon hummus, grilled naan, seasonal vegetables, apricot sun za’atar oil, lemon zest
Entrees: choose one per person
  • coconut curry (GF) (VEG): vegetable coconut curry soup, mint, rice, cilantro, choice of tempura mushrooms or moroccan spiced salmon
  • shaved fennel salad (GF): arugula, skirt steak, shaved fennel, tomatoes, spicy dressing
  • airline chicken (GF): oven roasted airline chicken, wild mushroom risotto, charred onion, smoked gouda cream sauce
  • gallery smash burger: smash patty, caramelized onions, cheese blend, gallery sauce, frites
  • vanilla bean creme brulée (GF)