While you’re planning your Devour night out, why not pair it with one of these cocktails!

Thank you to our sponsors: RNDC, Absolut Vodka, Fords Gin, Olmeca Altos Tequila and Woodford Reserve, as well as our wine sponsors, Kenwood Vineyards, Mumm Napa, and Oliver Winery & Vineyard

Overall Winner + Best Olmeca Altos Tequila Cocktail Winner

Pablo Gonzalez
Byrne’s Grilled Pizza
Juanacatlan Cocktail

Best Absolut Vodka Cocktail Winner

Juliana Silva
Taxman CityWay
Lock & Key

Best Fords Gin Cocktail Winner

Claire McGuinness
Grindstone Public House

Best Woodford Reserve Cocktail Winner

Tanner Hays
Peterson’s Restaurant

Best Espresso Martini Winner

Pamela Coovert
Stone Creek Dining Company

People’s Choice Winner

Emily Jordan
Traders Point Creamery
Pining for You

Honorable Mentions

Whitney Knutsen
Peterson’s Restaurant
Upper Echelon
Absolut Vodka

Matthew Gillen
St. Elmo Steakhouse
Olmeca Altos

Cal Miller
Livery The Soloist
Espresso Martini with Olmeca Altos

Alec Mercer
Lock the Door
Woodford Reserve

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