2023 Summerfest Cocktail Contest

While you’re planning your Devour night out, why not pair it with one of these cocktails!

The 2023 Devour Indy Summerfest Cocktail Competition is sponsored by RNDC Indiana, as well as Absolut Vodka, Herradura Tequila, Malfy Gin, Old Forester Bourboun, and Mumm Napa. It is also sponsored by Chambord, Italicus Liqueur, and Oliver Winery.

Overall Winner + Best Absolut Vodka Cocktail Winner

Emily Jordan | The Loft at Traders Point Creamery
Purple Dreams

Best Herradura Tequila Cocktail Winner

Justin Lewis | Livery Noblesville
Herbal Apothecary

Best Malfy Gin Cocktail Winner

Mary Henneberry | Prime 47 Carmel
Bluegranate Thyme Tini

Best Old Forester Bourbon Cocktail Winner

Jordan Ward | Prime 47 Carmel
Old Forester Fashion

Wild Card Round Winner

Matthew Gillen | St. Elmo Steak House
Cabana Life (using Herradura Tequila)

People’s Choice Winner

Juliana Silva | Taxman CityWay
Venus Heat (using Herradura Tequila)

Honorable Mentions

Claire McGuinness | Grindstone Public House
Redbird • Absolut Vodka

Alex Tinklenberg | 1933 Lounge by St. Elmo Steakhouse
Mint to Be • Malfy Gin

Whitney Knutsen | Peterson’s Restaurant
Love Triangle • Old Forester Bourbon

Pamela Coovert | Stone Creek Dining Company
Not Your Mumm’s Spritz • Mumm Sparkling

Photo Credit: Isaac Plahitko

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